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Stoughton Stories are compilations of archived videos and recent interviews. Thank you to WSTO for your partnership.

Stoughton Today, 1972

Stoughton Tornado, 2005

Tribute to Helen Johnson, 2009

Back in time with Carl Sampson

Steve Fortney

Stoughton Area School District

Donna Olson presenting Norwegian Hardanger

Norville Morgan & Steve Grady

This Land is Your Land (Stoughton Cover) with Bill Amundson

Norwegian Happy Birthday

This Land is Your Land (Stoughton Cover):

Presented by Bill Amundson 


INTERVIEW WITH Norville Morgan and Steve Grady

Norville Morgan talks about the history of the old ski jump. Steve Grady talks about his time as police chief.  

Hurray for deg

Happy Birthday Song in Norsk